Mini Mud Bath - WHOLESALE - CASE of 6

  • $65.96


This vegan mineral treatment will calm and reduce inflammation. We created this to assist in the improvement of skin texture and minimize ingrown hairs, while healing blemishes.

Good For

  • Ingrown hairs
  • Intimate areas
  • Body
  • Face


Utilize a reasonable amount for applying a thin layer over the desired body area.
Mix with an equal amount of water. Then apply gently with fingers or brush.
Leave on for 5-10 min for optimal results and then rinse clean. 
(We suggest, follow this treatment with Sunshine Toner and Hemp’ful Healer for the complete experience.)


Silicon Dioxide, Aluminum Oxide, Ferric Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide

sLA Promise

For us, beyond the surface isn’t just marketing. We're committed to the exclusive use of earth friendly ingredients that are antiseptic and plant based, while providing you antioxidants and amazingly anti-inflammatory results.